Visual Library Services

If you Need Assistance:

Visual resources librarian, Kristine Branscomb, is available to help faculty with all aspects of digital image formatting and presentation. 

Office: 1285A Barnett Hall 
Telephone: (707) 522-2629 

Examples of help topics might include:

  • How to manipulate digital images and folders on your computer and thumb drive. 
  • How to use Adobe PhotoShop and Bridge. 
  • How to create digital presentations using PowerPoint and/or ARTstor’s OIV. 
  • How to use the portable digital projector. 
  • How to scan images. 
  • How to connect to the Art Archive Server, Art Share Server and Citrix. 
  • How to navigate ARTstor Digital Library. 
  • How to use the large book scanner located in SRJC Doyle Library’s New Media Center.

Slide and Book Scanning 
If there are slides or images from books that you would like digitalized to supplement your visual presentations, Kris Branscomb is available to scan for you. The scanned images would then become part of our Art Department Image Resource Collection. 

Note: Media Services also scans images for faculty.

Using room 710
The Visual Resource Library located in Analy Hall room 710 is available to all Art Department instructors.
  • There are two computer workstations set up for your use. Please use the computers to:
  • Download images from the Art Archive and the Internet. 
  • Create digital presentations. 
  • Store your presentations.

To keep the room in good order for everyone:

  • Please lock the door when you leave. There is valuable and irreplaceable equipment stored in the room. 
  • Respect other instructors schedules if you are planning makeup tests, etc. 
  • If you use the room to eat or drink, please cleanup after yourself. Windex and paper towels are located in the bottom left hand drawer of the far wall.