Access Art Servers from Home
Citrix is a cloud based application that allows you to access your SRJC files, the Art Archive Server and The Art Server from any device when you are off campus. 

Logging into Citrix
Screen shot showing the window that allows you to install the Citrix receiver.  Screen shot of login window for Citrix and the window .
While in Internet Browser, navigate to:                           

Install Citrix Receiver App (if not already installed)                               

 Log into Citrix with SRJC user name and password       






In the Citrix Main Menu choose Home Directory

The first time you choose Home Directory the Citrix Viewer will download. 

After that, you can click on the Citrix Viewer icon to open the the Home Directory.  

*Note:  If your computer is Apple Mojave, the Citrix viewer will not open.  You will need to download the Citrix Workspace app:

In newer operating systems the window might look like this, click on the arrow to the left: 

Image of Citrix's green bubble screen














The menu will open and you can customize your Citrix applications. 

Check the check box for the Home Directory:

Choosing applications on Citrix














Click on the Home Directory icon and your Home Directory will open

If the Art Archive Shortcut is not in your Home Directory you will need to contact IT
Accessing the art archive and Art Share server

Contact IT Help Desk 707.524.1765, if you need server shortcuts mapped to your “Home” Folder within Citrix 

Or, use the server paths in the address bar of your “Home Directory” to navigate

Server Paths

Art Archive Server: cifs://busarchive/ArtArchive

Art Department Share Server: \\bus-home2\Acad_Serv\Art 

In the Home Directory, choose the Art Archive shortcut

Directions showing how to find the ArtArchive icon in Citrix









If it doesn't open, right click on the Art Archive shortcut and choose Open Folder Location.  

Folder Location will open, right click on the Art Archive shortcut and choose Open

folder location screenshot used in Citrix directions.









Downloading image files 

 In the Home Directory open Computer's dropdown menu, then navigate to local C: drive: 

screen shot of Citrix C: drive



Open "Users" dropdown menu

(If prompted choose “Read & Write Access")

In "Users" dropdown menu find your name.  Open your dropdown menu.  You can download images into your "Desktop" or "Pictures" folders.

Choose the images or Art Archive folders you would like and drag them to your folder of choice. 

Screen shot showing how to drag an image in Citrix.







Screen shot of Users drop down menu

Screen shot showing how to get to your desktop in Citrix

Navigate to images in the Art Archive Server.  (If the Art Archive Server is not to the right of your menu navigate to top of the "Computer" menu and choose "Art Archive")

A prompt will appear when you put the image into the folder.  Choose "Yes" when prompted 

Screen shot showing how to down load an image in Citrix

Madonna and Raphael by Rembrandt

Your image will downloaded onto your computer.


Rembrandt van Rijn
Madonna and Raphael