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SRJC instructors have free access to 3C Media Solutions

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3C Media Solutions is the educational media distribution source for video content, podcasts, streaming services, and event coverage for the 113 campuses of the California Community Colleges System.   It helps instructors have easy access to content on any device anywhere.


3c Media Solutions Personal Account allows you to:
Upload movies to your personal documentary library.
Become a member of the Santa Rosa Art Group.  Santa Rosa Art Group gives you access to numerous documentaries that have been requested and uploaded for SRJC Art Department instructors.
Documentaries are available for:
Art 1.1
Art 1.2
Art 2.1
Art 2.2


Register for a personal account:

3C Media Solutions logo

Become a member of the Santa Rosa Art Group:

Regiter for a 3C Media Solutions personal account

Ask for "upload permission"

Contact Kristine Branscomb after you have an account and "upload permission"  kbranscomb@santarosa.edu

She will email you an invitation to become part of the Santa Rosa Art Group.

Once you accept the invitation you will have access to the Santa Rosa Art Group's documentaries.