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Faculty Visual Resources

The SRJC Art and Art History Department's Visual Resource Collection is stored on the Art Archive Server.  There are over 40,000 images and many art documentaries available for you to download.

Our department's ultimate goal is to create an Art and Art History searchable database that will hold our collection.  Until that time, we have other resources at our disposal. This site is an effort to help you easily access our Visual Resources Collection.

SRJC Visual Resource Collection


Art Archive Server
The Art Archive server contains thousands of images and documentaries to download for your lectures.  
Art Server
The Art Share server is available for your personal use. You can upload, download and share files with other instructors on this server. 
ARTstor Digital Library
ARTstor is an image database that can be accessed through the SRJC Library. 
Film and Slide Collection
Slides and films are a valuable resource in the Art Department. This page includes a list of the films available for checkout in Analy 710 and protocol for checking out slides and films. 

Other Visual Resources


Online Resources
A list of online resources for art images, and also how to do Google image searches for quality images.
Image Vendors
A list of vendors that sell art images and "image sets" for instructional use.